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About Us

We are an independent photography studio with a team of innovative photographers

A modern approach to wedding photography with less fuss and more soul


Why Choose Us
Our goal is to make sure that your wedding photos capture the gravity and the emotion of your wedding day. From stunning portraits, to incredible moments between you and your loved ones. We know the core foundations that not only make great photography, but also an incredible experience for you and your family. Through expert posing, fashion inspired lighting, and incredible storytelling, our goal is to make you look your best.

Each and every wedding is different and we hope to represent each couple in a unique and creative way. Its totally possible to be creative whilst shooting in a documentary style, looking for different points of view and perspectives. We’ll work with you to produce some creative portraits too, but this is only a small part of what we do.

Our Philosophy
Every wedding is unique; every wedding is filled with love, joy, and emotion;. While you, your loving family, and your friends are enjoying your unique celebration, our team will blend into the background, using their quiet, unobtrusive, organic, and photo-journalistic approach to capture every detail, allowing your wedding day to flow naturally and without interruption. In every frame, we will capture the honest emotions, the special moments, and the individuality of your wedding day.

We specialise in a fun, off-beat and candid storytelling style that guarantees timeless wedding memories. Based on global styles of photography and cinematography, we create stories from weddings that are uniquely recognisable. With a dedicated team of photographers, cinematographers, video editors and photo editors in-house, we have everything you’ll need to be able to create stories from your wedding that are hand-crafted and fully customised to your wedding. We are best known for candid wedding photography, new-age wedding feature films, our signature range of wedding albums as well as for our unique pre-wedding shoots and memorabilia from your big day.


Co-Founder & Lead Photographer


Co-Founder & Head Of Operations

Meet Our Team

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